Eight UIS teachers are sworn in and become School Directors

The protocol event was developed virtually and was chaired by the rector, Hernán Porras Díaz and the members of the Academic Council.

Through resolutions N ° 604 of June 5; N ° 683 of June 26 and N ° 807 of July 31 of this year, the appointment of teachers as directors of their respective Academic Units was made official, as of the date.

When pointing out the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead, the UIS rector, Hernán Porras Díaz, added: “Total appreciation, colleagues, you arrive with new vigor and new energy knowing that we are in an atypical and informal situation, but also interesting. We have the great task of getting out of the routine and finding valuable people like you, helping to build the University that we dream of and love so much ”.

For her part, and on behalf of the new managers who took office, Professor Clara Isabel González Rugeles said: “Thank my colleagues for once again placing their vote of confidence in me, we are going to renew our commitment to service in the School of Microbiology, we will continue with the process of building work in the School, advance the reform in the undergraduate program of Microbiology and Bioanalysis, as well as the renewal of the qualified registry of this undergraduate program, among other goals that we have. counting on the support of the rector, the dean and the Academic Council, thank you very much “.

These are the directors of UIS Schools:

one Physics School Jorge Humberto Martínez Téllez 
two Chemistry school Julio Roberto Pinzón Joya 
School of Geology Carlos Alberto Ríos Reyes 
School of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences Ana Emilse Coy Echeverría 
Petroleum Engineering School Fernando Enrique Calvete González 
School of Chemical Engineering María Paola Maradei García 
School of Microbiology Clara Isabel González Rugeles 
School of Nutrition Diana Cecilia Álvarez Salazar 
Moments of the virtual meeting of managers and teachers.
The rector, Hernán Porras Díaz during the inauguration of the new directors of UIS Schools.

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