Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londoño met at the UIS to talk about peace

Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londoño are two of the main protagonists of the Peace Agreement between the Colombian State and the FARC – EP.

With the intention of analyzing the creation and implementation of the Peace Agreement between the Colombian State and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC-EP), the Universidad Industrial de Santander organized a new edition of ‘Cátedra de Paz, Convivencia y Ciudadanía’, with the participation of the former president of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón and the president of the Comunes Party, Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry.

“In this stage of the Peace Process, universities can play a fundamental role, educating and generating debates on the different points of the implementation of the agreement. The more people understand why things are happening, the more they accept any public policy, which is why the role of universities is fundamental,” said Juan Manuel Santos.

For his part, Rodrigo Londoño said that “this is a very important space at a time when we need to do a lot of peace education and for people to understand the letter and spirit of what we agreed in Havana”.

Those attending the Luis A. Calvo auditorium were able to learn details of the peace process that put an end to a confrontation that lasted more than six decades, as well as to hear the opinions on the development of this agreement from the voices of two of its main protagonists.

“These events seem very important to me because they strengthen critical thinking and peace building within the campus and the country,” said Carol Jerez, an eighth semester student in the UIS Law program.

During the event, the Open Library of the Colombian Peace Process was presented, a space that makes information, methodology and lessons learned from this process available to the public, which can be visited at https://bapp.com.co/.

The Open Library of the Colombian Peace Process is open to the national and international public.

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