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The 119th edition of this newsletter came into circulation, presenting as a noteworthy note the recognition that the magazine ‘The Analytical Scientist’ makes to Professor Elena Stashenko, by including her in the list of the 60 most influential analytical scientists in the world and among the 10 most important in South America in 2020.

Likewise, the historic fourth place for Colombia is registered in the International Physics Tournament reached by the delegation made up of students from the UIS School of Physics, in which their counterparts from China, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia participated. , Ukraine and the United States.

Among other significant facts, readers can find the contribution of UIS researchers in alliance with the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation for the generation of biogas from the use of waste from the panela production process.

Life stories of graduates and graduates, as well as enterprises with the UIS seal are shown on this occasion, as well as activities of university events.

On the cultural note, the virtual show offered by the Santander Choral Festival stands out.

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