Successful audit of ICONTEC to the University

For two days the audit team of the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification – ICONTEC, visited the different strategic, missional, evaluation and support processes of the main headquarters and the regional headquarters Malaga and Barbosa, in order to monitor the Quality Management System of the University, under the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The result of this exercise was highly positive in the fulfillment of the objectives established for the development of the audit and the requirements of the ISO standard, as a result of the commitment of senior management, leaders, facilitators, auditors, Quality Management Coordination and other officials of each unit.

“Every time the university community has understood the importance of quality, quality in every way, not only in academic issues, such as the High Quality Accreditation, which the Ministerio de Educación Nacional granted us for 10 years, the highest level of category that can be given, but also the quality that we must develop in all missionary processes, strategic, evaluation and support, and that is the recognition that ICONTEC gives us,” said Gerardo Latorre, Administrative Vice-Rector.

Maintaining high standards in Quality Management was an important point that contributes in some way to the recent renewal of the Institutional Accreditation by the Ministerio de Educación Nacional for a maximum of 10 years, an aspect highlighted by the audit team. “One of the dimensions of Institutional Accreditation has to do with administrative management, and there the external auditors took into account the aspects of ISO 9001 certification, as an element that supports the strengthening of educational management processes,” said Gustavo Salcedo Castro, leader of the ICONTEC audit team.

During the event, the UIS rector, Hernán Porras Díaz, was attentive to the recommendations and positive aspects that were highlighted by the representation of ICONTEC, who give a favorable concept to continue with the Institutional Quality Certification of the University, and stated that, during their visit, they did not find any “non-conformity” in front of the performance of the processes without affecting the current certification.

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