UIS paper received Best paper recognition at the international conference TMREES22-Fr

Rusber Rodríguez, PhD student in Engineering, Electrical Engineering area, participated as a speaker at the international conference on technologies and materials for renewable energies, environment and sustainability – TMREES22-Fr held in Metz, France, May 9-11, 2022.

The conference was attended by 211 research papers from 37 countries.

The research presented is entitled “Sizing of a fuel cell-battery backup system for a university building based on the probability of the power outages length”, the result of collaborative work between the Université Bourgogna Franche-Comté-UBFC and the Universidad Industrial de Santander-UIS within the framework of a double degree co-tutelle agreement.

This work is supported by international researchers, such as professors Daniel Hissel, David Bouquain, Damien Paire and Robin Roche, from UBFC and professors Gabriel Ordóñez, Germán Osma and Javier Solano, from UIS.

The research proposes the sizing of a hydrogen-based power backup system for the UIS Electrical Engineering building. The system is intended to supply essential loads in case of power outages. The characterization of the duration of power outages was carried out thanks to historical data of outages provided by Electrificadora de Santander S.A. E.S.P.

The work stood out for its quality and originality, which led it to receive the ‘Best Paper Award’ distinction. It should be noted that this research also has the support of the Evaluation-Guidance Program for Scientific Cooperation ECOS Nord. This achievement is a consequence of the capacity we have in research and international scientific cooperation and urges the university community to set great goals.

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