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The Universidad Industrial de Santander in compliance with its mission in the formation of people of high ethical, political and professional quality, aims to contribute to the achievement of academic excellence of undergraduate students. To this end, the university’s management is committed to the system of academic support for undergraduate students, in order to generate strategies that contribute to the comprehensive training and academic success. The institution has highly trained personnel and the necessary resources for its implementation.

The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) presents the coordinator of the UIS Academic Excellence System, Claudia Milena Gómez Ortiz. Photo showing the coordinator looking towards the camera and white background.

Claudia Milena

Ortiz Gómez


The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) presents the coordinator of the UIS Academic Excellence System, Claudia Milena Gómez Ortiz. Photo showing the coordinator looking towards the camera and white background.

Claudia Milena

Ortiz Gómez


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It is the set of thought processes that allow human beings to develop the capacity to relate, act, analyze, create and transform reality.
This dimension strengthens cognitive skills and basic thinking devices. It also helps to improve learning difficulties, through:

  • Modules aimed at new students.

  • Modules aimed at special groups of different levels.

  • Individual and specialized Psychopedagogy consultation.




Strengthen competencies, conceptual gaps and provide guidance in the face of academic difficulties.

  • Mathematics area. For more information click here.
  • Language area. For more information click here.
  • Engineering and science basic cycle. For more information click here.
  • Professional Cycle. For more information click here.
  • TyT Cycle. For more information click here.
  • Generic and citizenship competencies. For more information click here.




Maintaining the physical and mental health of students.

  • Faculty and IPRED student counseling.
  • Mentoring.
  • Health care.
  • Psycho counseling.




Minimize social and economic hardship for students.

  • Special Students’ part time jobs.
  • Quota Students’ part time jobs.
  • SEA students’ part time jobs.
  • Men’s residences and women’s support allowances.
  • Dining rooms.
  • Combo saludable (Healthy box)

For more information, click here.




Fortalecer competencias, vacíos conceptuales y brindar orientación ante dificultades académicas.

  • Área de matemáticas.
  • Área de lenguaje.
  • Ciclo básico de ingenierías y ciencias.
  • Ciclo profesional
  • Ciclo TyT
  • Competencias genéricas y ciudadanas.




Minimizar las dificultades sociales y económicas de los estudiantes.

  • Auxiliaturas especiales.
  • Auxiliaturas de cupos.
  • Auxiliaturas SEA.
  • Residencias masculinas y auxilio de sostenimiento femenino.
  • Comedores.
  • Combo saludable.




Mantenimiento de la salud física y mental de los estudiantes..

  • Consejería estudiantil de Facultad e IPRED.
  • Mentorías.
  • Atención en salud.
  • Psicoorientación.




Fortalecer aptitudes cognitivas y dispositivos básicos de pensamiento e intervención de las dificultades de aprendizaje.

  • Talleres a estudiantes de nuevo ingreso.
  • Talleres a grupos especiales.
  • Consulta psicopedagógica individual

Academic Excellence System


It is the set of strategies and activities developed by different academic units and led by the Academic Vice Rector’s Office, where the student is the protagonist. It has an integral conception because it addresses different dimensions and recognizes that academic performance is influenced by a multiplicity of variables, which implies developing strategies of a multidimensional nature in three moments: before enrollment at the University, at the entrance to higher education and during the academic trajectory.



Strategy for permanence and timely graduation.

  • Dissemination of academic offerings
  • .
  • UIS articulation with secondary education:
    • Mathematics Olympiads
    • Research seedbeds
    • Math Calendar
    • Mathematics Calendar
  • Characterization.
  • Induction course to mathematical training.
  • Introduction course to university reading.
  • Academic Support
  • .
  • Cognitive Support.
  • Cognitive Support.
  • Cognitive Support.
  • Socioeconomic Support.
  • Health Accompaniment.
  • Support in Health.
  • Support in Health.
  • Reading Clubs.
  • Saber UIS test
  • .
  • Saber Pro and Saber TyT preparatory lectures
  • .
  • Support for degree work
  • .
  • Workshop on preparation for working life
  • .



The Integral Intervention Model program aims to reduce dropout and academic retention in students of the basic cycle of engineering and sciences at the UIS. This program, through tutoring by outstanding students and monitoring by professors, favors a change in the study culture through the application of strategies such as collaborative learning, learning to learn, adequate use of time, and reading comprehension. In addition, it is important to highlight that the activities offered in this program help the appropriation of knowledge by the students. The academic accompaniment is provided by outstanding students from engineering and science academic programs.

Informartion: +57 (607) 634 4000 Ext.: 0000

E-mail: eaguilar@uis.edu.co




It is a program that provides attention, follow-up, and support to students enrolled in mathematics courses. Its general purpose is to provide academic space to assist students who have difficulties appropriating the contents and developing the competencies of the mathematics courses. To provide academic support, teachers of mathematics are selected as monitors, and outstanding students of the Bachelor’s Degree program in mathematics are selected as tutors.


E-mail: sea.asae@uis.edu.co


Telephone: +57 (607)  634 4000 Ext.: 1459



It is a program that promotes the habit of reading and the written communication skills of UIS students. The activities of this program are guided by professors of the language area and include, among others, the Course of Introduction to Academic University Reading and the UIS Reading Clubs.


Telephone: 8607 634 4000 Extension:  1444

E-mail:  sea.lenguaje@uis.edu.co




The SEA Library program is one of the programs that make up the Academic Excellence System (SEA) of the Universidad Industrial de Santander and is responsible for the academic support to students of the university in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Descriptive Geometry, and English in the Central Library during the periods of midterm and final evaluations. This accompaniment is carried out by tutors, outstanding students in the mentioned areas, who provide attention and accompaniment to the students in order to address, in a timely manner, doubts and academic concerns while they prepare their evaluations.


SEA On-line

The SEA On-line program consists of a network of tutors covering different areas of knowledge, providing attention and support to students in order to address academic questions and concerns remotely, through virtual platforms that allow synchronous and asynchronous interaction between the beneficiary student and the tutor. The areas of knowledge addressed are: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Languages, and Descriptive Geometry.


Telephone: +57 (607) 634 4000 Ext. 0000

E-mail:         academicaestudiantes@uis.edu.co



It is an academic follow-up and orientation program for health students. It was created in response to the need to generate spaces and processes of academic accompaniment for the promotion of meaningful learning in the health sciences.


E-mail: sea.psoas1@uis.edu.co



The Faculty of Human Sciences of the UIS is characterized by the disciplinary diversity that differentiates each of the programs offered in the schools that comprise it. In this sense, SEA HUMANAS thinks about and proposes various strategies of academic accompaniment, from a preventive and permanent approach, for those subjects identified as critical, with the aim of strengthening the appropriation of knowledge and skills required for their successful approval, thus contributing to avoiding dropout, repetition, conditionality, or PFU of the students of the Faculty.


Telephone:  8607 634 4000 Extension: 0000

E-mail: sea.humanas@uis.edu.co



Cognitive Pedagogical Strengthening Program SEA-FPC offers undergraduate students:

  • Diagnosis, orientation and psycho-pedagogical accompaniment for: strengthening cognitive operability.

  • Brain Gymnastics.

  • Implementation of strategies, techniques and university study habits that allow a more effective learning process.

  • Adaptation of students to the university cultural environment.

  • Management of the conflict of professional and vocational interests that affect academic performance and increase the possibility of desertion.

The activities are directed by professionals in psychopedagogy.

E-mail: fpc@uis.edu.co

Location: Bienestar Estudiantil, second floor (Psicorientación)

Phone: +57 (607) 634 4000 Ext. 1408

Psychopedagogy Coordination.



The Health Maintenance Program seeks to provide prospective health care to all students entering the UIS, focusing on individual, periodic, prospective, and risk-focused care, which allows early detection of various health situations in the biomedical and psychosocial aspects, to achieve effective and timely management in the individual and in the student community. It seeks to promote self-care, the culture of prevention, and the timely treatment of health problems.


E-mail: sisalud@uis.edu.co

Telephone: (607) 634 4000 Extension: 2282 or 2393



The main objective of the SEA-UIS Mentoring program is to provide the beneficiaries of the Generation E program who are enrolled at the University with tools for the construction of their life project, the adaptation to their educational process, and the development of skills that favor their permanence at the University. The program has two types of participants: the Beneficiaries, who are students who are part of the Generation E program; and the Mentors, who are UIS students in advanced semesters, in charge of providing accompaniment.


Telephone:  (607) 634 4000 Ext.: 0000

E-mail:   academicaestudiantes@uis.edu.co sea.mentorias@uis.edu.co


Student Counseling

Program of direct and permanent approach to undergraduate students of the different faculties to provide support and guidance in particular situations of academic, social, economic, emotional, family, affective and behavioral affectation. It is oriented to the identification and monitoring of students in vulnerable conditions (academic, emotional and psychosocial risk) in order to assist and guide them to adequately address their needs.


Additional information and contact:


Telephone:  +57 (607) 634 4000 Extension: 2282 or 2393.


Socioeconomic Support

UIS supports through dining services, Students’ part time jobs, men’s residence halls or women’s support. The University offers:


Type of Students’ part time jobsRequirements
    • Current minimum sixth semester


    • Weighted average: ≥ 3.5
  • Final grade of the subject for which he/she is to be an assistant ≥ 3.5
    • Curring minimum second semester


  • Weighted grade point average ≥ 3.5
Administrative and Extension
    • Curring minimum second semester
  • Weighted grade point average ≥ 3.2
    • First level students characterized with economic risk


  • Value of tuition ≤ 1/4 SMMLV

More information Administrative Vice Rectory

  • Are of legal age
  • Proficiency in the language to be taught must be demonstrated through one of the following options:

For candidates to teach English.

a) Institutional exam with a score equal to or greater than 60, the date of its presentation cannot be more than two years old.
b) Accepted international exam, this must certify level B2 or higher and the date of its presentation cannot be more than two years old.
c) Validated diploma of university studies in the country whose official language is the language to be taught.

For candidates to teach Italian.

a) Accepted international exam, this must certify level B2 or higher and the date of its presentation cannot be more than two years old.
b) Validated diploma of university studies in the country whose official language is the language to be taught.

Students can access the residence service for men or the female support allowance.


  • Place of origin: Outside the metropolitan area.
  • Minimum semester completed: Second.
  • Upper weighted average: = 3.2
    Tuition value: = ½ Current minimum monthly salary.
  • Subsidy: 1 ½ Current minimum monthly salary.


  • May not have more than one Students’ part time jobs or benefit from dining halls, residence halls or scholarships for tuition discount.
  • Assignment of Students’ part time jobs and benefits depends on the University’s available space.
  • To access any Students’ part time jobs you must have enrolled at least 11 credits.
  • To access any Students’ part time jobs you must have enrolled at least 11 credits.



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