Legalization of registration 2023 - I



The procedure of legalization of academic enrollment for first level students of 2023 – I will be carried out virtually, enter:

Note: For which you must attach the following documents in PDF format.

1. Upload photograph to the student module:

  • Click on the “Academic System” button.
  • Enter your code and password
  • Select the “Change Personal Photo” option
  • Upload your photo.
    • Note: Please note for photo upload
      • File size
      • Document type
      • Use a white background
      • Make sure the image has good resolution
      • Take care of your personal presentation
      • This photograph will be your Institutional photo.
      • The photograph must be digital (scans are not supported).

2.Student card

  • Click on the “UIS Sales” button
  • Selecting the “Registration” option is different from UIS student registration.
  • Once registered, click on the “Services” option.
  • Search for the Service: Student Card (New Student).
  • Click on the “Acquire” button.
  • Enter requested information:
    • Document type
    • Document number
    • Select an option for payment
    • Electronic Payment
    • Receipt for payment in Bank.
  • Finally, select the “Confirm” option.
    • Note: The card has a value of $ 32.900

3. Civil Registry

  • Photocopy of the Civil Registry legible (PDF format).

4.Identity document

  • Photocopy of the identity document extended to 150 (PDF format).
    • Note: Foreign students must present a visa and immigration card.

5. Military notebook

  • Photocopy of the military notebook, if you have already defined military status (PDF format).

6. Degree certificate

  • Photocopy of the diploma and certificate of bachelor’s degree.
    • Note: Those who have obtained the degree abroad, must present validation of the title before the Ministry of Education.

7. Registration fee

  • Copy of the tuition settlement and proof of payment.
    • Note: Both files in a single PDF.

8. Social security

  • Proof of recent affiliation to an entity providing health or social security services, or failing receipt of tuition payment stating the payment of health rights. It is noted that the health rights offered by the University through University Welfare are a support for the attention of situations of low complexity and do not replace or have scope in social security institutions.

9. Resume

  • The resume without a photograph is not valid.
  • Download the resume
    • Click on the “Academic System” button.
    • Enter your code and password
    • Select the “Personal Data” option.
    • Select the “Personal Information” menu
    • Once downloaded, keep in mind the following recommendations:
      • Perform digital signature according to SmallPDF video
      • Note: The signature must be mechanical, that is, sign on a blank sheet, take a photo of it, and save it to add to the resume.
    • The resume has a space to authorize a person who apart from you can be provided with academic information.

10. Legalization of registration

  1. Click on the “Registration” button.
  2. Click on the option “First level registration process”.
  3. Then click on the “License Plate Legalization” menu.
  4. Finally, click on the “License plate legalization module”.

Important observations:

  • Admitted applicants who cannot register for the following reasons, must request the reservation of quota to the Admissions Committee before the date of legalization of registration, attaching the respective supports as the case may be:
    • Military service
    • Student illness
    • Academic exchange
  • Those admitted who were UIS students previously must be at peace and safe with the University to make the registration.
    • Note: To homologate the subjects taken in another UIS program, you must request the homologation of your new academic program from the School Council.
  • By not legalizing the registration on the assigned day, it will be understood that you do not accept the quota and it will be immediately reassigned.
  • For those admitted who, for any reason, do not wish to make use of their quota, we ask you to inform the university by email to the address in order to provide this opportunity to another applicant.
  • If you advanced subjects in the Faculty of Sciences and wish to homologate, you must send the form “Advance of subjects” to the email of
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