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Inspection, Surveillance and Control

General Audit Office of the Nation

The Office of the Auditor General of the Republic contributes to the transformation, purification and modernization of the bodies instituted for the control of fiscal management, by promoting the principles, purposes and duties of the administrative function enshrined in the Political Constitution, fostering the culture of self-control and encouraging citizen participation in the fight to eradicate corruption.

Type of control exercised: Control of tax management.

Administrative Department of the Civil Service

It is the strategic, technical and transversal entity of the National Government that contributes to the well-being of Colombians through the continuous improvement of the management of public servants and institutions throughout the national territory.

Type of control exercised: Administrative management control.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation/Colciencias

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación) is the public administration, management body responsible for formulating, guiding, directing, coordinating, executing, implementing and controlling the State’s policy in this area, in accordance with the development plans and programs, in accordance with the Law that created it.

Type of control exercised: Control in science, technology and innovation management.

Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic

It strengthens the control and oversight of fiscal management with a preventive approach within the framework of the Constitution and the Law, to ensure the proper management of public resources, in the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness of public management, with citizen participation, to achieve the purposes of the State.

Type of control exercised: Tax control.

Office of the Comptroller General  Santander

Exercises oversight of the fiscal management of the Department of Santander, the municipalities and decentralized entities of the department and municipal order.

Type of control exercised: Tax-administrative  control.

General Accounting Office of the Nation

The governing entity responsible for regulating the nation’s general accounting, with doctrinal authority in matters of accounting normative interpretation, which unifies, centralizes and consolidates public accounting, in order to prepare the Balance Sheet, oriented to the decision making of the general public administration, which contributes to the management of a modern and transparent State.

Type of control exercised: Accounting control.

Digital Government

The Colombian State Portal  www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co is a website that unifies access to information, procedures and services provided by government agencies.

Type of control exercised: Control access to information.

Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification-ICONTEC

It is a private, non-profit, multinational organization that works to promote standardization, certification, metrology and quality management in Colombia.

Type of control exercised: Control and verification of compliance with ISO standard requirements.

National Ministry of Education

It seeks to guarantee the right to education with criteria of equity, quality and effectiveness, which forms honest, competent, responsible citizens capable of building a happy, equitable, productive, competitive, supportive and proud society..

Type of control exercised: Control of higher education entities.

Ministry of Health and Social Protection

It seeks to direct the health and social protection system through health promotion policies, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disease and insurance, as well as intersectoral coordination for the development of policies on health determinants, under the principles of efficiency, universality, solidarity, equity, sustainability and quality, in order to contribute to the improvement of the health of the inhabitants of Colombia.

Type of control exercised: University health system control.

Labor Ministry

This Formula adopts and guides public policy on labor matters that contributes to improving the quality of life of Colombians, to guarantee the right to decent work, through the identification and implementation of strategies for the generation and formalization of employment; respect for fundamental labor rights and the promotion of social dialogue and insurance for the elderly.

Type of control exercised: Control of labor actions.

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

It coordinates macroeconomic policy; defines, formulates and executes the country’s fiscal policy; influences the economic, governmental and political sectors; and manages the Nation’s public resources, from a budgetary and financial perspective, through transparent actions, competent personnel and efficient processes, in order to promote: the conditions for sustainable economic growth, and the stability and soundness of the economy and the financial system; in favor of strengthening institutions, supporting decentralization and the social welfare of citizens.

Type of control exercised: Budget system control.

Attorney General’s Office

It aims to monitor compliance with the Constitution, laws, judicial decisions and administrative acts; promote and protect human rights; defend the public interest and oversee the official conduct of those who perform public functions; these objectives are achieved through preventive actions, judicial and administrative intervention and disciplinary processes; being benchmarks of efficiency, effectiveness and ethical assessment in the exercise of public functions.

Type of control exercised: Control over disciplinary offenses of those who perform public functions.

Transparency for Colombia. Transparency International Chapter

Transparencia por Colombia is a non-profit organization created in 1998, whose mission is “to lead from civil society the comprehensive fight against corruption and for transparency, in the public and private sectors, to promote active citizenship, strengthen institutions and consolidate our democracy.

Type of control exercised: Transparency control.

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